5 things to keep in mind when student teaching with a choral director. I want you to make the most of you student teaching opportunity, and I want your cooperating teacher to want to take on more student teachers in the future, so don’t screw this up!!Technique Tuesday (NEW) (1)



My Bullet Points

 Stay humble.

    • Listen
    • Observe
    • Shut yo damn mouth and keep your opinions to yourself
    • Don’t offer feedback to your cooperating teacher.

Be professional, even if your co-op isn’t.

    • Be punctual
      • You can get anywhere on time if it’s important to you
    • Don’t get “chummy” with faculty/administration. You haven’t earned it yet.
    • Look your best.
      • It’s about habit. Waking up with enough time to get dressed in nice, clean, pressed clothes helps you build this habit in the future.

The semester is not about you. It’s STILL about the kids.

    • Your director has a program to run with or without you.
    • This is your chance to be creative (not reckless) with the understanding that your co-op has a fixed amount of time to prep a concert.

Have a “What can I do to help?” attitude.    

Avoid negativity.

    • Many teachers complain A LOT. Doesn’t mean you should too.
    • Stay the hell out of the faculty lunchroom.