You have to provide value WAY before you ask an influencer for anything. Here are 3 ways you can begin to provide value today so that influencers take notice and offer you opportunity.


In today’s Technique Tuesday, I discuss ways to provide value to other people and talk about how you can gain influence in your niche, garner new friends, and strengthen your network.

We are in a “trust” economy at this time – with unlimited access to information and to experts in different fields. We have become commoditized. So we can’t wait for someone to hire us. We must put ourselves in front of others in the best light possible So, how can you provide value for free to a potential employer (or other influential person in your niche) so that THEY ask YOU to come work for them?


There are three ways you can provide value to other people for FREE:

1. Time – Helping others by providing your time is the simplest way to provide value. Offer to help, even if it’s just a menial task. Do something special for someone who needs your help, especially someone in a position of authority or influence. (Listen to the podcast for ideas about ways you can help!)


2. Talent – Use your strengths, including those that are non-musical, to help others. If you see a way that an influential person in your niche needs your help, you don’t have to wait for them to come to you. It’s okay to make the offer. You don’t need to wait to be asked! (Listen to the podcast for info about how social media can help you find these opportunities or offer your talent.)


3. Connections – If you find that you have a large file of different kinds of people in your life, you may be able to use your connections to help others, including the influential people in your niche. Offer to make introductions that are to everyone’s advantage. (Listen to the podcast to learn about the best way to do this!)