“Haters Need the Most Love”

Today, I talk about how to combat the haters in your life.

An acronym for HATERS is: Having Anger Towards Everybody Reaching Success

There are five types of haters:

  1. Jealous – These are people that just want to be you. They don’t really hate you but perhaps they’re not motivated, don’t believe in themselves, or are afraid of taking risks, so your success is making them jealous; they see a win for you as a loss for them. They’re hoping to knock you down with their negativity.
  2. Miserable – This kind of hater wants you to join them in their pity party. They are unhappy people looking to bring down the world.
  3. Critics – These people want to poke holes in your ideas and dreams. They want you to stay “safe”, to err on the side of caution. This is sometimes the people closest to you who fear having you jump out of your comfort zone. Critics are people to whom you’re afraid to tell your dreams.
  4. Leeches – These people want to ride on your coattails all the way to success and they’re draining your energy all the way. They don’t give value to you; they want something for nothing.
  5. You – You may be your biggest hater! Be careful how you talk to yourself! Ask yourself if you’re following your true path in life or if you’re playing it safe. This can be the hardest one to fix! It requires a big investment of time and lots of personal development.


Remember, hurt people hurt people. Most often, these haters hate themselves…not you. Remember not to take their wrath personally. It’s about them.

When confronted by haters, don’t fire back or engage negativity. Instead, make the best of it and gauge your reaction carefully, if you choose to respond at all. Always think “I love you” before you react and plan your reaction accordingly.