Good morning world! Thank you for taking the time to read my FIRST BLOG POST ever! There’s no better way to begin the new year than to share with others! You probably have some questions, so I’ll do my best to anticipate and respond…

Who the hell are you, Ryan Guth?
Nice to meet you too! 😛

I’m a serial… educator, entrepreneur, and musician.  I’m also a lunatic (in the words of a former student) who can’t sit still.  More on this later… a frustrating backyard croquet match

…at a frustrating backyard croquet match

Why should I read this?
I’m constantly working on something, but I’ve been noticing that I get excited about stuff and cannot tell enough people about what I’ve found!

So, I’m hoping to share with wider audience, that way I can go to bed knowing that I’ve helped as many as I can for the day!

So far, I plan on sharing…

What’s with the name Impulserie?
I have a thing for kitschy names! That, and my most successful endeavor to this day is Impulse Handbell Ensemble. Notice a theme?

I’m also one of the most impulsive people you’ll ever meet.  It’s my best attribute and worst flaw.

The suffix “erie” is French for “a shop selling a certain product”.

So stop on by from time to time (or subscribe), and I hope I can help you, just as others I’ve met online have helped me!