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Top Interviews

Find your entry point, with Craig Hella Johnson

GRAMMY-award-winning conductor and professional listener Craig Hella Johnson joins me for an interview on presence, honesty, and realizing the music with your choir. Support our sponsor for this episode: KI Concerts Listen Biography Renowned as one of today’s most...

Breaking into the professional choral scene, with James Bass

James Bass, of UCLA and Seraphic Fire, joins Ryan today to speak about balancing out your education and conducting career with opportunities as a seasonal professional choral singer. We will dive into schedule, pay, sight-reading requirements, and so much more. JOIN...

Sell out your concerts and create raving fans, with Stevie Berryman

Stevie Berryman, of Stevie Be Music, explains how she goes beyond programming to create concert experiences that entertain, sell out, and create raving fans. She gives examples of her own concert experiences and breaks down the essential elements. Listen Standard bio:...

How to be a musician of value, with Jo-Michael Scheibe

Dr. Jo-Michael Scheibe (@JMScheibe) of USC's Thornton School of Music opens up to Ryan (@RyanMGuth) about what he believes constitutes a musician of value in the choral world and offers advice on how to be adequately prepared to earn your place on the right podium for...

Top Technique Tuesdays

Your choir sucks because you suck

Time to take responsibility for your own choral experience and help grow Choir Nation by not sucking anymore. In this post, Ryan explores the common problems he sees in the choral world and he proposes solutions.     Why such a harsh title? I posted a teaser...

The 5 types of haters and what to do about them, with Ryan Guth

  “Haters Need the Most Love” Today, I talk about how to combat the haters in your life. An acronym for HATERS is: Having Anger Towards Everybody Reaching Success There are five types of haters: Jealous – These are people that just want to be you. They don’t...

Most recent content

What You Win When You Lose, with Ryan Guth

TEACHERS: Share this episode with your choir! In our “winning is everything” culture, the goals of competition seem crystal clear: the medal, the role, the spot in the honor choir. Sometimes when the competition is fierce, those rewards don’t seem worth the effort....

When You Are the New Kid, with Christopher Kurt

Just because you graduated high school, graduated college, and got a job doesn’t mean that you won’t sometimes still feel like the new kid. Ryan checks back in with podcast favorite and Ukulele Ninja Christopher Kurt about his first quarter teaching in a new school....

Performance Horror! with Shane Thomas, Jr.

Nightmare fuel. I don’t have any other words to describe this choral horror experience, shared by Shane Thomas, Jr. Like all the best Halloween stories, it’s equal parts trauma and comedy. So if you are feeling brave, dear Director, go ahead and listen to the scariest...

Connect with their Culture, with Conrad Weber

Conrad Weber is a white, middle class man who has spent his entire music education career in a black, high-poverty school. Conrad talks to Ryan about how to build bridges across the cultural chasm, in a situation where none of the usual standards apply. This interview...

Programs with Impact: Let’s Go Digital, with Ryan Guth

You probably never studied graphic design, but your audience still deserves a concert program that doesn’t look like a church bulletin from 1998. If the economic and ecologic costs of paper programs have you concerned, Ryan is here to teach you how to go digital. He...

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