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The Creative Roots Run Deep, with James Mulholland

With over 600 choral compositions in publication, Prof. James Mulholland of Butler University chats with Ryan just before a concert exclusively of his works (including a new commission). Dropping the names of legends and movie quotes with equal ease, Prof. Mulholland...

The Big Reveal, with Someone

It’s possibly the most important podcast Ryan has ever recorded! You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, and you’ll learn all about the awesome new changes at Choir Ninja! Listen: [podcast...

Top Technique Tuesdays

Should you really get that master’s degree?, with Ryan Guth

Should you really get that Master’s degree? In this episode, I speak about the reasons people choose to leave their teaching job to go back to school, give you a simple cost/benefit analysis one can use to determine whether school makes sense, and what they could do...

7 Ways to Love Your Choir

Listen Be the leader they need You wouldn’t know this since I’m the guy who wrote “Your choir sucks because you suck”, but I’m a sappy, open, and vulnerable choir director. It doesn’t take much to get me all choked up in rehearsal when I’m lovin’ on my choir and I...

Most recent content

Children of Light, with Luke McEndarfer and Sharon Farber

Some of our episodes are inspirational in nature, and some are instructive. This one is both. You can’t help but be amazed by what the National Children’s Chorus is doing with their 800 students in 18 ensembles based in 3 major cities. Artistic Director Luke...

The Cost of Early Adoption, with Ryan Guth

The best choir directors are innovators, which is great for their choirs. But there are costs and risks involved in blazing a new trail, and those risks don’t just land on your shoulders, Director; they are shared by your choir. So before you implement that new vision...

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