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Latest Podcast Episodes

Tech Toys for Teachers, with Greig Ashurst

Happy Birthday, teachers, it’s the episode you’ve asked for! Tech expert Greig Ashurst shares his favorite apps and software for your choir classroom. Ryan and Greig go deep into ways to use a few of these tools to make your rehearsals more productive, but make sure...

Authenticity and Experience, with Sean Baugh

Authenticity and Experience, with Sean Baugh (Part 2, Following “Equality and Dignity for All People”) Turtle Creek Chorale does not do “stand and sing” concerts. Balancing music with a message is a difficult journey with great rewards, for both the musicians and the...

Equality and Dignity for All People, with Sean Baugh

Sean Baugh skillfully leads the Turtle Creek Chorale in performances of both artistry and activism. Sean talks about how his ensemble of largely untrained singers is able to give powerful performances, leaning heavily on the passion of the musicians. We are all...

Let Them Dab, with Samantha Patterson

Choral elitists beware: we’re calling out the Emperor for having no clothes. Indiana choir director Samantha Patterson finds value in incorporating pop music, sporting events, and yes...even the her program, which has reaped the benefits of her innovative...

The Singing Conductor, with Dr. Eugene Rogers

Dr. Eugene Rogers “preaches the word of the singing conductor.” There is singing, and then there is singing that utilizes technical mastery to communicate the meaning and emotion of a piece. Dr. Rogers calls these leaders who are so deeply connected to sound and its...

Trust Your Gut, with Dr. Eugene Rogers

Dr. Eugene Rogers gives you permission to listen to your gut. Whether it’s a move, a job, or even a bold programming choice, you can take risks. Some of them will pay off. Some of them will leave you stranded in New York City with no job and no car. But you will grow...

Choir Ninja Trusted Resources

The conversations you’ve shared about imposter syndrome, serving a small group of rabid fans, and looking to add value to others have made a difference for me and my choir.

Jordan Zimmerman

Vocal Director, Lincoln Continentals

I can’t tell you how many awesome ideas I’ve gotten from listening to the Choir Ninja podcast. By far the coolest choir related podcast out there.

Chris Maunu

Choral Director, Arvada Wast High School

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