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Latest Podcast Episodes

There’s a Part Just For You, with Dr. Michael John Trotta

Music selection is perhaps the most critical decision you make as a choir director. And making that decision can be completely overwhelming when you are looking for something you can successfully sing with 12 sopranos, 4 altos, and 2 basses. But music selection gives...

The Community College Mission, with Dr. Lisa Morales

Not every musician follows the same path. A two-year community college may not be the first thing you think of when you consider pursuing a music studies, but Dr. Lisa Morales explains why it might be the best option for you or your students. Learn just how much can...

Of Boundaries and Balance, with Lesli Olson

It’s your life; you really can set the goalposts wherever you want them. For those of you who want the top choir in the city, state, division, or country, Choir Ninja is here each week with podcasts to help you reach that goal. And for those of you who want a great...

Ryan Knows Nothing About Parenthood, with Chris and Sarah Jarvis

Since beginning this podcast, Ryan has talked to composers, directors, singers, tour managers, authors, and teachers from around the country and the world. But one significant part of our audience has remained a mystery to him until now: parents. Today Ryan talks with...

Step Out of Your Silo, with Justin Caithaml

There is good work being done in music graduate school research projects. There is good work being done within our public school choir classes. But there is sadly little contact between these two realms. It’s time to step out of our silos and meet our students and...

Choir Ninja Trusted Resources

The conversations you’ve shared about imposter syndrome, serving a small group of rabid fans, and looking to add value to others have made a difference for me and my choir.

Jordan Zimmerman

Vocal Director, Lincoln Continentals

I can’t tell you how many awesome ideas I’ve gotten from listening to the Choir Ninja podcast. By far the coolest choir related podcast out there.

Chris Maunu

Choral Director, Arvada Wast High School

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