This post was inspired by a great conversation I had with Music Teacher Money School Facebook Group member, Rob Meyer-Kukan!

Rob was looking to add a few more private students to gain some additional income at his Healthy Musician Institute. I asked him the duration of most of his lessons, and he said “30 mins”.

My suggestion was, instead of adding new students, to see if he could convert his favorite students from 30 to 45 minute lessons.

Rationale: His existing customers will always be easier to sell to, and he’ll get to spend more time with the students he loves to teach!

The quick and dirty phone script for converting 30-minute lessons to 45-minutes.

Use this simple phone script to help you increase sales by converting a 30-minute lesson into a 45-minute lesson.

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Adapt to fit your specific situation, of course!

Rob is the teacher.
Julia is one of Rob’s favorite students.
Mrs. Crabtree is Julia’s mom.

Setting: Rob’s home office, phone in hand.  This MUST be a phone call. 

[Rob takes five deep breaths. In for 4 counts, holds for 2, out for 6]
[Rob dials the phone]


[Mrs. Crabtree picks up]

Mrs. Crabtree: Hello?

Rob: Good afternoon, Mrs. Crabtree! This is Rob Meyer, Julia’s piano teacher!  How are you today?

Mrs. Crabtree: I’m well. Thank you!

Genuine Compliment
: I just wanted to call and let you know how excited I am to be teaching Julia. She’s been doing a fantastic job in lessons, and I couldn’t be more proud of her progress.  

Mrs. Crabtree: Wow! That’s really great to hear. Julia really likes taking piano lessons with you.  

Highlight a specific example
: In her most recent lesson, Julia really impressed me with [something great Julia did], and I had to call you about it. I think it’s nice for a parent to know that their money is being well spent, would you agree? 

Mrs. Crabtree: Well, yes! I’m glad.

Share your goal
: I made it my New Year’s resolution to spend less time with students who aren’t serious or motivated and more time with students like Julia. So I’m going to be “making space” in my calendar for those kids who seem to benefit the most from my instruction. That being said, may I make a professional recommendation to you? 

Mrs. Crabtree: Yeah, sure.

Pitch the idea
Rob: Julia is obviously very passionate about piano. We are just hitting our stride each week, when we have to call it quits. This becomes common at a point when the student moves from superficial and technical work to more detailed and expressive work. So I feel very confident that her results would increase significantly if she were in a regular 45 minute lesson. I am willing to open up my schedule or move some students around to make that happen. 

MOST IMPORTANT: Ask for the sale
Would you be willing to explore this idea with me? 



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Outcome 1: (Unlikely)
Mrs. Crabtree: I don’t think so.

Ask for reservations
: Mrs. Crabtree? Would it be appropriate to ask what your reservation is? 

Mrs. Crabtree: Well, it’s just that…..

…bad timing


Be empathetic and make it clear that you’ll follow-up!
: Listen Mrs. Crabtree. I really appreciate your time. If it’s okay with you, I’d like to follow up with you in another 3 months. Maybe the situation will change by then. In the meantime, Julia is making me really proud! Have a happy new year, until we chat again! 


Outcome 2: (Most likely)

Mrs. Crabtree: Give me some more details…

Present the numbers
: I’d be happy to! It’s pretty simple. My studio rewards loyal students. Julia could go from 30 mins to 45 mins/week for an additional $12/lesson. 

Show the value
That’s like a 10% savings on the additional time with a 50% increase in the lesson. If she keeps up the good work, Julia’s growth would surely become more rapid and you’d get more for your money! 

Mrs. Crabtree: Sign us up! (Whoot!)

Show gratitude and CLOSE the sale.
: Thank you, Mrs. Crabtree, we won’t let you down! May I have your permission to make this adjustment to your next statement? 


Outcome 3: (If you’re that good…Likely)

Mrs. Crabtree: Just let me know what to do, and we’ll do it. (Double Whoot!)

Show gratitude and CLOSE the sale.
Rob: Thank you, Mrs. Crabtree, we won’t let you down! May I have your permission to make this adjustment to your next statement? 

It’s so easy!

See? You’re selling without feeling like a cheesy-tweed-jacket used car salesman! Your kindness and genuine interest in the student will help direct the parent towards an outcome that is a win/win! You get to spend more time with a student you enjoy teaching while making additional income, and the student has the opportunity to grow more rapidly and benefit from the additional time. Pretty soon mom will be thanking you for all the additional beautiful music she hears coming from the den! Money well-spent.

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