Stevie Berryman’s original podcast about writing an awesome biographical summary was a big hit with anyone who could overlook such a tedious topic long enough to listen. And that’s the point. Your bio shouldn’t be boring. And even if you have no professional need to submit a bio for an event, every director can benefit from the self-reflection required for figuring out your personal brand identity. You are amazing at something. Let’s tell people about that.


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Highlight to Tweet:         “Flaws make you interesting, because flaws make you human.” – Stevie Berryman

“Go where the Spirit is already blessing.” – Rev. Charles Horton

Show Notes:

  • Your bio is often your audience’s first impression of you. Make sure it’s one that reflects your personal brand.
  • Your brand isn’t something you create artificially. It’s the articulation of your best qualities; the ones that separate you from everyone else.
  •  To figure out what those qualities are, listen when people give you feedback. What words get repeated? Find the branch where you are producing the best fruit.
  • Steps for writing your bio:
    • Know who you are.
    • List your wins.
    • Consider your flaws.
    • Think non-linearly.
    • Delete something


Stevie Berryman is shockingly good at video games. She can fold a fitted sheet so it looks like it came right out of the package. Likewise, her skills as music director and teacher have also been acquired through long hours of arduous and dedicated practice. For much of her career Stevie has directed seven or more ensembles each week, meaning she has 98 years of experience (in dog years). Her effusive energy and wild creativity found a perfect setting in 2013 when she became the Artistic Director of the Houston Chamber Ringers, which has let her smash together her love for music, laughter, and tacos in a truly remarkable way. She has a particular passion for teaching children how to ring, and her innovative methods have made her a sought after educator at area and national handbell festivals. Stevie loves helping other choirs as a private clinician, or planning epic concerts for them as a creative consultant. Her next step in global domination is to take over the choral world, which is a side bonus of her job as Chief Awesomeness Officer at the Choir Ninja Podcast.

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