Ryan looks back on lessons learned this past year as a choir teacher in a new school/state/culture. This is a must listen for anyone…novice or veteran…who is entering a new classroom (or any choir podium). You might want to make sure you listen to the whole thing. Allllll the way to the end.


Highlight to Tweet: “Wait…can we just end it like that…awkward silence…and then just go to your tag? Could we do that?” – Stevie Berryman

Show Notes:

  • Keep your ambition in check. (Don’t make changes too soon.)
  • Trust takes time.
  • Talk less, sing more.
  • Concerts are your time to establish yourself in the community.
  • Choose your battles.
  • New school (state) = New culture
  • Create non-classroom bonding experiences.
  • Embrace your predecessor.
  • Don’t compare your new students to your former students.
  • Don’t compare yourself to the previous director.

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