Stevie Berryman, of Stevie Be Music, explains how she goes beyond programming to create concert experiences that entertain, sell out, and create raving fans. She gives examples of her own concert experiences and breaks down the essential elements.

Episode 46


Standard bio:

Stevie Berryman has been the Artistic Director and Conductor for Houston Chamber Ringers since August 2013. She is the Director of Handbells and Children’s Music at Kinsmen Lutheran Church. Stevie began ringing handbells 20 years ago as a founding member of the Soli Deo Gloria Youth Handbell Choir at St. Stephen’s UMC in Broken Arrow, OK. She’s been ringing ever since all over the country, and is a former member of the Houston Bronze Ensemble. She has a particular passion for teaching children how to ring, and her innovative methods have made her a sought after educator at area and national handbell festivals. When not in rehearsal, Stevie teaches music at Kinsmen Children’s Academy. Stevie also plays violin and piano, and especially enjoys those times she can perform with her husband Paul, and their children Evan and Portia.

Non-Standard bio (Get to Know Stevie):

Stevie Berryman is shockingly good at video games. She can fold a fitted sheet so it looks like it came right out of the package. She rarely listens to music while driving. Except when she is on the director’s podium, she is terrible at multi-tasking. Her ideal date is eating tacos while watching old Firefly episodes with her husband, Paul. She hates parties. She loves crawfish, but will not suck the head; that’s disgusting, so stop asking. She is oblivious to much of what goes on around her, because she is constantly immersed in her active inner life. If you talk to her while she is driving, she will get lost. She is an outstanding cook. She is funny, patient, impatient, impulsive, quirky, steadfast, and the most loyal of friends.

This is an episode to listen to! We broke out of our standard format, and it turned out awesome!