Career coach, Dana Campbell, who specializes in helping professionals prevent and recover from burnout shares her secrets with Choir Nation.


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Dana Campbell is a career strategy and burnout coach, therapeutic yoga instructor and a stress resiliency expert. For more than ten years, she drove change in the corporate world as a management consultant responsible for organizational transformation. While guiding large organizations through seismic shifts in process, technology and culture she experienced and witnessed the toll that demanding work environments take on individual and team health. Her experience with burnout led her to deepen her studies in yoga as a way to re-ignite her own passion and fire. 800 hours of training later, these principles serve as the cornerstone for helping her clients learn to balance their own stressful careers. Weaving together her expertise in transformation, mindfulness and personal development she guides her clients through their own transformational process and helps them build thriving careers they love.


Today, you’ll hear my interview with Dana Campbell, a career strategist and burnout coach who works with stressed-out professionals to help them overcome burnout and create careers that are more fulfilling.

Burnout, Dana explains, is symbolized by 3 things: exhaustion, an increase in cynicism, and negative feelings about yourself. Having two or more of these classifies you as a victim of burnout. Burnout is a huge problem in the U.S. but it is not recognized as a mental illness. In some countries, however, it is classified as such and there are medical protocols around it. Listen to Dana’s experiences with burnout. Dana notes that burnout can send signals to your body and will keep being insistent until you hear it. The impact on your health can be extremely dangerous. Your brain begins to function via the “fight or flight” mechanism; you begin operating under fear and you can’t put your best foot forward or live up to your capacity.

Burnout also takes a toll on relationships and divorces are common because our work life impacts our home life and everything else, Dana explains. Living with someone with burnout is very difficult.

Dana offers Choir Nation 5 habits to help combat burnout:

1. Connect to yourself daily – You should have the optimal structural alignment in your body and create more space within your body in order to become more resilient to stress. Meditation, mindfulness practice, and conscious relaxation all help you connect. Focusing on your breathing, journaling, and other meditative-type activities are good as well. (Listen to learn about Dana’s favorite ways to connect.)

2. Know what’s most important to you – Burnout happens slowly and we often don’t recognize it immediately because we don’t know ourselves well enough to stop it. Learn what you value most and what’s most important to align your life around. Burnout is spurred by a mismatch between the person and the situation they’re in and often the solution comes down to a person’s values and sticking to those. Go to to find a values worksheet.

3. Learning to listen to your gut – Often, for burnout victims, something’s off and they’re not paying attention to the signal Learn to heed your feelings and thoughts. Sometimes it’s simply the sensation of something holding you back that is the first sign of burnout.

4. Don’t take everything too seriously – Burnout is often a result of intensity. Let humor in and allow things to be as they are. Not everything is an emergency or a “fire drill”. Laughter is the best medicine, as the old adage says.

5. Let go of perfection – Perfectionism is a key link to burning out. Holding to extremely high standards and being incredibly self-critical are major players in burnout. Perfection is boring! We learn more from stuff that is imperfect than that which is perfect. We should work on embracing the fact that we are not perfect but “perfectly human”.



Learn more about Dana at her website: or be in touch with her on all the social media channels at “The Burnout Cure”.